Cast The Dice is an actual play podcast using the Pathfinder role-playing system published by Paizo. The podcast has a custom campaign setting, with species customized using the Custom Race Builder rules found in the Advanced Race Guide.

Our first campaign, Gold Blooded, follows 4 youths from prestigious families in the Rainbasin, who plan on attending a famous festival and end up dealing with much more.  With a world where important social structures have suddenly changed, and separated from their families and the resources that have been available to them all their lives, the youths must find their way.  Joining them is a steelsoul, a sapient construct displaced from his own time.  All of the party has a wealth of secrets – their own, or their family’s – that could endanger them or their loved ones if discovered. Together they band together, trying to find order, trusting each other slowly and sparingly.

Our Cast:

  CJ is the GM

  Ren is the player of Calasarnai

  Tiffany is the player of Ziro

  Leah is the player of Roka

  Blackwell is the player of Janassary

  John is the player of Ruedi

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